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Perfekt: Mode of Action

The insoluble mineral substances found in the soil have to be dissolved by the acid juices of the fibres of the rootlets before they can reach the vegetative tissue. The inorganic substances which serve plants for nutrition are taken up by them in minimal minute quantities in greatly diluted state.

It is observed that strongest manures and fertilizers cannot be compared in its action with a much smaller quantity of finely divided nutrient substances which by its subdivisions can be diffused through out. Each rootlet requires a small quantity of nourishment where it is in contact with soil , but for functional activity and existence, it is requisite that this minimum be present just at the spot in leaves. Hence a small dose and repetition of PERTFEKT foliar spray will attain the desired action, because of quick permeability.

Bioavailability is a problem in most of the foliar sprays in wettable powder form dissolved in water. The herbal extracts of PERFEKT are dissolved in high performance solvents, and hence readily mixes with water evenly and thus has better bioavailability.

On Foliar application of perfekt to the point of dripping the active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the plants, and due to enzymatic action, the virus inside the cell is exposed and gets deactivated. Due to this unique action, the spreading of viruses stopped, so that the tender leaves and sprouts are prevented from infection by viruses and also ensures healthy sprout and leaves speedy growth in order to facilitate, adequate leaf area for photosynthesis and required energy for plant to survive this virus attack.