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According to a survey conducted on factors for loss of production on various crops, it was observed that 90 % of the damage is usually due to diseases caused by virus, fungus, bacteria, micronutrient deficiencies and sucking pests and the balance 10 % damage is due to lepidopterous caterpillars & grass hoppers; except in cotton.

Agriculturists repeatedly change formulations and use lot of chemical pesticides for the control of caterpillars that has built up resistance in pests resulting in emergence of new & stronger instars (Resurgence), while leaving residues in the final produce, damaging health of humans and animals.

Further agriculturists are unable to identify the diseases and the micro-organism’s that cause the disease and end up in spraying the wrong unwanted chemicals in combination like that of a pesticide+furgicide+micro nutrients+amino acids. This leads to unnecessary expences increasing the cost of cultivation.

So a need was felt for a holistic, multi action product that to of a herbal nature to avoid the spoils of chemical agriculture, and research took eight long years to arrive at a formula and to know it's efficacy.