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What does "Perfekt" do ?

  1. Control all the microbes VIZ, Virus, fungus, Bacteria and macrophomina.
  2. Control all micronutrient deficiency diseases.
  3. Ovicidal, Antefeedent and Larvicidal to just hatched on contact.
  4. Repels sucking pests like Aphids, Thrips, Jassids, Whitefly and Coccids
  5. Minimises root rot and nematode damage if applied in early stages.
  6. Increases chlorophyll and proteins as a result plants becomes green.
  7. Stimulates growth, gives new leaves and flowers quickly and stops flower shedding.
  8. Induces drought resistance by minimising, transpiration losses.


Papaya Mosaic virus affected got cured with Perfekt 3 times spray Observe new leaves on the top.


Papaya leaves Scorched by excess chemical application got rejuvenated.


Important attributes of PERFEKT :-

  1. PERFEKT controls viruses which are difficult to control by other commonly available chemicals.
  2. PERFEKT is made of non-toxic, non-chemical, herbal extracts. Hence it is a safe to the environment, to the life of sprayer applicator and beneficial insects, does not pollute soil and water. No side effects.
  3. PERFEKT has a dual action of contact and systemic, hence gives better control.
  4. PERFEKT is upward systemic and as well as downward systemic. Hence eradicates the microbes from the plant system and prevent the occurrence of root diseases too.
  5. PERFECT works not only as preventive but also early curative. Hence gives better control.
  6. PERFEKT gives phytotonic effect. It gives new shoots, new leaves, flowers and stops flower shedding, with a resultant effect on increase in fruit size, shining early ripening, and quality. Hence it contributes to considerable increase in yield varying from 33% to 72% as per crop.
  7. PERFEKT is rapidly absorbed in the leaf surface in about 15 minutes. Hence the possibility of washing off in rains is very remote. Sticking agents and adjuvants are not required to be mixed.
  8. PERFEKT does not leave any toxic residues in the produce, hence suitable to spray on crops meant for export and for organic agriculture. Hence harvest of fruits, green vegetables and leafy vegetables can be done after spray and are safe to eat.
  9. The healthy plants are resistant to diseases and pests. To keep up the health repeated sprays once in (14 - 15 days) are required to keep the plants and crops free from diseases and pests.
  10. PERFEKT treated crop gets protection even through the crop in the surrounding fields are getting damaged.